Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rain, Rain, go away.....

It is the 3rd day of work at The Habitat site. The first day was a test to our enthusiasm for the work, the second day built our confidences, but today tested our resolve. It began a hot day, the sun baring down on our heads, rich blue of the sky being enhanced by cotton ball white clouds. Miss Ruby's house was making progress. We finished up the blocking, the front roof of the porch was finally being put in place and Camille, Diane and I finally finished putting up braces in the rafters. Overall a busy and productive morning.

And then we learn to put in windows!! Caulking, weather striping tape and shims, we learn the proper way to level and permanently put in windows. The first went in like butter, easy, sweet and clean. The second one, not so much. As the inside crew leveled and shimmed and leveled again, the dark clouds began to roll in. Fifteen minutes till lunch and as we struggle to level the second window, the lightening begins. The decision to start the window again after lunch is made and we all put down our tools and assemble in one area and dig into lunch.

About 20 minutes in, rain began. Big, fat drops of pure gold. We rejoice at the thought, enjoying the understandably refreshing respite from the intense New Orleans sun. But instead of raining for a short bit, it gets heavier and harder. We all scurry from our eating places to find the few spots that the roof manages to not drip cascades of water. Soon the floor begins to flood and instead of being protected by the roof, we are all damp and dirty. This long bout of rain has now put a stop to all work for the day and we quickly clean up shop and return to the hotel. In the worlds of Juliana, it is amazing how quickly your priorities change. At first you are rejoicing in the cooling rain but soon wish it would stop so you can continue to work. But tomorrow is another day.


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