Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Juliana Horton's take

Hey everyone, Jeff here. What a day - I think the highlight for me was at the end. I was standing precariously on roof joists right on the edge of the house. One misstep and I'd fall 15 feet (and probably take out several of my co-volunteers in the process). There I was, hammering away, when a bolt of lightening came down nearby and the skies opened up. I surely didn't need the extra challenge, but I managed to finish nailing and get down safely.

Aside from the hair-raising roof work, I truly enjoy construction. If it wasn't so dangerous for my hands I would do it more often. The feeling of completing an "honest day's work" is uniquely satisfying, especially when it's for such an amazing cause.

Anyways, here's an interview Linda did with Juliana Horton explaining her experience so far:

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Wendy Mastandrea said...

Linda and Juliana,

Thank you for posting this video interview. What a wonderful way to give us a glimpse of what is going on. I am interested in hearing about the work you are all doing in NOLA because I believe that your work is an amazing gift to share in such a devastated region.

Thanks to all of your team.