Tuesday, June 24, 2008

First day!

Hey everyone, Jeff here. I've uploaded some videos of today. Check them out:

Here's Kathryn talking about the experience:

Here's a tour of our work site:

We are all having an amazing time!



Wendy Mastandrea said...

Hi, everyone!

Lookin' good, guys! Hey, Jeff - you have a second career lined up - videographer!

I want to hear more from the rest of ya'll about your experiences! Don't let Jeff dominate this blog! ;-D

I hope you all have an amazing time and please, please, please keep posting!

Jenna said...

I'm a NOLA 2008 blog junkie... Thanks for the posts and for all the hard work.

It's great to see the progress and I look forward to seeing how things are in the areas we worked on last year. It is surprising that so much work still needs to be done.


Rob Hochschild said...

Thanks for the videos, Jeff! It's really great to get that up-close, detailed view of the work you all are doing. Keep 'em coming!